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Beautiful Personal Page creates a website based
on your Facebook profile,
so you
don't need any special skills.

Your web presence without a mess

Create your page easily

Authorize with Facebook to import your info or start from scratch.

Only the most valuable data

Profile free of bulky blocks of needless info. Nothing blurs your personality.

Show your personality

Your individuality has many sides.
Let people know you better.

Carol, 32

Carol raises her daughter and works at home creating stunning toys for kids of all ages.

She has no time to create a website on her own, so she uses as her business webcard. It’s much more effortless and simpler.

Start in a click

Authorize with Facebook and you're ready to go.
Tune up your page by adding important info about yourself.
Be proud of your new nifty personal site.

Turn your page into a real website

Sometimes an awesome profile is just not enough.
Complete your web personality by turning your page into a real website.

Host your page at a personal domain

We understand that creating and administrating a website takes a lot of time and demands certain skills. Still, having a page at a personal domain makes you more gross. So why shouldn't you get it easy and effortlessly?

Associated mail for Forwarding

A new nifty address for your mailbox will be associated with your domain. All your mail will be forwarded to your main email specified by you previously.

Your worry free website with premium pack deals with all the technical questions,
making it easier for you to focus on your life, your work, your friends

  • No hassles with website administration
  • Associated mail for forwarding
  • Secure ordering system
  • One price for any domain


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