About Page.is

Page.is makes self-presenting easy for everyone providing a unique and simple service to create a website in a few clicks. From the very beginning you get a ready-made profile Page based on your purposes. Connect your social networks, add links to your blog or any accounts on the web, describe yourself in a few words. All info will be placed at one Page. Use it as a portfolio, a resume, or just to introduce yourself easily. Your co-workers and friends will be impressed what an expert you are.

Using Page.is you don’t waste your time on templates and design, you don’t do any technical work, you don’t contact hosting companies. Whether you host your Page at our address or choose your personal domain, we take care of every little detail, so you could save your time and be free of any worries.

If you feel that basic personal page is not enough, you can upgrade your account to a Pro plan. It includes a full domain registration support, an email address associated with a domain and settings for search engine optimization.

Need to clear up more details? Have a suggestion? Great, drop us a message - [email protected].

And stay awesome with Page.is.